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Medicine Association
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Integrative Medicine Association
An association of Medical practitioners incorporating complementary medicine

Australian Kinesiology Association
An association for the registering of Kinesiology practitioners

Australian Traditional Medicine Society
Complementary Medicine Practitioners Association


College of Complementary Medicine

Complementary Medicine Information Websites

The Journal of Complementary Medicine
Australian Pharmaceutical Publishing Company Ltd
Level 5, 8 Thomas St.
Chatswood NSW, 2067
Ph: 02 81179500

NCCAM (National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) OR

Centre for Complementary Medicine Research - University of Western Sydney

Evidenced based CM information

Current reviews and protocols for Complementary Medicine

Cancer and Complementary Medicine

Comprehensive herbal medicine site

Herb and drug interaction lists

General research database

Drug Information

Complementary and Alternative Medicine
- Evidence updates by Therapy
-Library information service

Clinical Nutrition updates

Good reviews of many CMs

Alternative Health News

Healthy Eating Club newsletters

Linus Pauling Institiute, Oregon State University
Free site. Useful information on micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and diets.

Herbs and micronutrients
Free site. Useful herbal monographs and information on CM. eg: herbs and micronutrients.

Herbs - The Natural Pharmacist, Edward Hospital and Health Services
Free site. Useful herbal monographs and information on CM. eg: herbs and micronutrients.

IDIS-herbal links:
Provides website ratings and links to other natural medicine databases.

Clinical Trials
This website lists about 7,000 clinical studies sponsored by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), other federal agencies, and the pharmaceutical industry, including those involving CAM.

NCCAM - Herbs at a Glance

Cancer information on CAM:

National Cancer Institute's Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine (OCCAM) list of clinical trials on CAM.

MD Anderson Cancer Centre The University of Texas:

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