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The definition of compassion is the ability to understand the emotional state of another person or oneself. As a practitioner, client or individual in today’s world, the importance of compassion and how it can be impacted is ever relevant.


We invite to you to come and listen to an array of speakers present topics from their experience and knowledge with an underlying theme to ‘compassion’. Please read below to find a summary of each speaker and their topic for the conference.


ICMA is very honored to have 

Lama Tendar open our conference

with a Chant and discussion on compassion

Venerable Lobsang Tendar is the spiritual director of the Medicine Buddha Centres Victoria and a powerful Teacher and Healer. Lama Tendar was born in Kham, Tibet and entered into a monastery at the age of 12 in Kham, then attended Gyuto Ramoche Monastry in Lhasa, founded in 1474. In his late teens he made the long trek across the Himalayas to India to further his study, which lasted for another 14 years at Tenzin Gang Monastery and Gyuto University, studying sacred art. 

At the completion of his studies, he qualified as a Tantric Master, teacher of sacred art, chant master and healer in the Tantric Buddhist tradition. 

Today Lama Tender is very active in the Australian community, where he has lived for the past ten years and travels nationally, leading many community cultural events. Lama Tender designs and facilitates a range of meditation retreats, yoga, art, sacred pilgrimage, Tibetan language and Tibetan Buddhist courses.


Gender In-Built Programming and Health

David Corby’s professional interests lie in the use of psychophysiology, mind-body medicine and Chinese Medicine diagnostic systems to recover a client’s wellness, vitality and joy. David’s clinical expertise extends to chronic illnesses, neurological problems and neurodegenerative diseases, with techniques including counseling, acupuncture, neurophysiological assessments, muscle feedback and myofascial release. David has a strong presence in the Integrative Complementary Medicine sector as Director of the College of Complementary Medicine, NSW State Director of the IKON International Institute and a National Committee Board Member for the Australian Kinesiology Association. David is strongly committed to education and communications within the Health industry and in particular advocating for the field of Mind-Body Medicine.

David will present a thought provoking topic on 'Gender In-Built Programming and Health' and how this impacts open-heartedness and compassion. 

How Compassionate Are You?

With particular expertise in energetic modalities, Peter’s professional focus is on the holistic integration of a client’s mental, physical and spiritual development. Peter’s greatest interest centres on empowering people to connect with and express their inner truth. With a background in media, communications and aviation, and 30 years experience in the complementary medicine field, Peter is able to connect with a broad audience. Peter is the Director of Compass of Life and specialises in designing and facilitating a range of integrative and innovative group programs in addition to offering private consultation.  

Peter will present a talk on how compassionate we really are and guide the close of the conference with an energetic experience that has to be felt to be appreciated. 

‘Most of us believe we are compassionate but are we really? Compassion comes easily for some while others struggle with the ability to naturally feel or understand the significance of another’s emotions. 

In Peter's talk, find out how compassionate you really are and how this may affect you, your clients and your business at this revealing presentation. 

Share The Love

Our energy is the vital force that maintains inner peace and balance. Share, feel and exchange the magic of this most beneficial energy for you, your clients and your relationships during this hands on practical demonstration with energy. 

You will leave this conference feeling refreshed, positive and uplifted.’  


What is Compassion? The associated feelings? Compassion Fatigue?

Desley Creedy has strong professional experience in Psychotherapy and Holistic Counseling. Desley’s expertise includes holistic approaches to the treatment of trauma and psychopathology; and recovery from self-harm, abuse, violence and sexual assault for adults, families, couples and adolescents. In addition to 24 years in private practice, Desley also has robust experience also in workplace training and development, case management, advocacy and facilitation in the Education, Health and Community Services sectors. 

This is a unique opportunity to hear Desley speak about the following areas through her knowledge and experience in her field.

* What is compassion 

* The associated feelings of a compassionate practice 

* Compassion fatigue



Tales and Analogies of Compassion

Ondrej Bursik, Director at the Optimal Learning Centre, integrates a broad range of diagnostic and treatment modalities to address issues related to learning, emotional modulation, brain function and a variety of psychopathology and medically diagnosed conditions. Ondrej’s expertise includes neuro-feedback, energetic science, psychology, vibrational therapies and kinesiology. As Principal of the College for Complementary Medicine, Ondrej has made a significant contribution to tertiary education within Australia in complementary medicine.

Ondrej is known for his story telling and analogies and will provide insight into the world of compassion through these, allowing you to take away this knowledge and use in your practice and life. 


ICMA Conference 2014: Compassion with Guest Speaker Lama Tendar

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