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"Your Health Creation" Book Launch

  • 23 August 2017
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Lvl 6, 124-136 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills


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Health is our greatest wealth; it is the platform upon which our lives are built. It is the key that unlocks the many gifts that life bestows upon us. 

“Your Health Creation” is a book that takes you on a journey to discover the secrets of health, its intelligence, and how it can be created in our bodies, our lives, and in the world. 

Many people take health for granted. It is only when we lose our health, and our lives begin to unravel, that its value becomes illuminated. We then spend all our time and resources trying to get it back. 

Yet we don’t have to wait for this to happen!

When we understand what health is, and the principles upon which it is founded, we can start to apply that knowledge to create our lives in a healthy manner. To maximise our chances of keeping it in our reality. 

Matous Bursik will discuss his life journey that has led him to write this book. It will also focus on the three keys, which form the foundation for health, which all living things express when they create themselves in a healthy manner. It will also discuss "Perceptional Reality". A way of seeing the world which is not congruent with health, and which destroys the three keys of health in our experience, leading to the expression of Illness. 

About the Author: 

Dr Matous Bursik is working as an Emergency Doctor at Manly Hospital, Sydney, Australia. 

He studied Science and Medicine at the University of Sydney, and has been practicing as a Medical Doctor for over twelve years. For many years he has dedicated his professional life to answering the questions that define the Western medical health paradigm.

What is illness? How can we fix or prevent it? 

Several years ago, after a powerful life experience, he had an insight which lead him to believe that the health care paradigm was incomplete. 

He began to ask himself another question, that addressed the opposite side of the health paradigm coin. 

What is heath? How can we create it in our lives? 

The understanding of the identity, or intelligence of health is the inspiration and driving passion that led to the writing of “Your Health Creation”. It is his hope that the book will help people understand what health is, and how they can create their lives in a healthy manner.

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